Custom Metal Fabrication

The process of custom metal fabrication occurs in three stages; metal cutting, forming and assembly.
Metal Cutting – Several tools such as notches, punches, lasers, plasmas, shears and saws are used.
Metal Forming – Machines generating a great deal of force and pressure are used to give the cut metal its desired shape. The main techniques used to form the shapes are press baking and rolling.
Metal Assembly – After the metals have been cut and formed, they are assembled and joined. This process typically involves welding the pieces together with intense heat without compromising the integrity of the individual pieces. It is at this time that the final product comes together.

Examples of Custom Metal Fabrication Projects

Some examples of our custom metal fabrication services include:
– Signs
– Art projects
– Fences and Gates
– Hand Rails
– Off Road Cars
– Firearm Milling
– Manufacturing large quantities of the same part
– Proto type work
– Roll cages, bumpers, light bars
– Repairs of all kinds
– Trade show components
– Scenery
– Shade structures

Stick, MIG & TIG Welding

Some of the equipment our welders regularly utilize include:
MIG Welder (Metal Inert Gas) – Most of our welding consists of MIG welding (AKA wire feed). This is the quickest welding process but still allows for quality welds.
TIG Welder (Tungsten Inert Gas) – TIG welding is the most difficult welding process and requires a lot of precision. We typically save this process for ornate welding fabrication projects. Due to the lack of flux it is the cleanest welding process.
Stick Welder – A stick welder (AKA farmer welder) is regarded as the down and dirty “weld through anything” welding process. Stick welding is ideal for mobile welding services that are located on a dirty, windy or inconvenient job site.

Structural Steel Welding

Structural steel is a sustainable and highly reliable material for construction. Banka Built Welding utilizes expert welding and fabrication processes to transform structural steel into products used for construction and other industrial applications. We know that if we don’t do the job properly, the viability of the material could be compromised and we refuse to let that happen. Structural steel welding and fabrication requires special expertise, and we have invested in both our equipment and proper training to meet this need.

Examples of Structural Welding Projects

– Structural Steel Projects
– Large, Industrial Buildings
– High Rise Towers
– Construction Equipment
– Machinery
– Crane booms
– Stairs & Stair Towers
– Ladders
– Handrails
– Platforms
– Catwalks

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